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Trading System

The trading system basically is designed to help users easily manage products and their stock, purchases, and sale, order management, and daily reports. Some benefits of trading system are given below:

  • Saves Time & Costs
  • Gives You High Flexibility
  • Increases Financial Visibility
  • Improves Asset & Stock Management 
  • One-Point Solution
Trading Software System

Trading System Modules

The main features of accounts management system are as follows.


  • Chart of Accounts

  • Cash Payment Voucher

  • Cash Received Voucher

  • Bank Payment Voucher

  • Bank Received Voucher
  • Journal Entry Voucher

  • Opening Balances Voucher


  • Chart of Accounts

  • Cash Payment Detail

  • Cash Received Detail

  • Bank Payment Detail

  • Bank Received Detail
  • Journal Entry Detail

  • Cash Book Details

  • Day Book Details

  • General Ledger Details

  • Accounts Payable Details

  • Accounts Receivable Details

  • Profit/Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

The main features of purchase management system are as follows.


  • Purchase Order

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Purchase Return

  • Supplier Information

  • Store Information


  • Specific Supplier Purchase Detail

  • Specific Type Purchase Detail

  • Specific Item Purchase Detail

  • Purchase Order Status

  • Purchase Book

  • Purchase Return Summary

  • Supplier Balance

  • List of Supplier

The main features of sale management system are as follows.


  • Sale Order
  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Return Invoice
  • Customer Information
  • Store Information


  • Specific Customer Sale Detail

  • Sale Order Status
  • Sale Invoice(s) Detail (Customer Wise)

  • Sale Book

  • Cash Sale Detail

  • Sale Return Detail

  • Cash Sale Return Detail

  • List of Customer(s)

The main features of inventory management system are as follows.


  • Product Type(s)
  • Product Unit (s)
  • Product(s) Registration
  • Opening Stock
  • Inventory Issue

  • Inventory Receive
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Conversion


  • List of Product Type(s)
  • List of Product(s)
  • List of Product Unit(s)
  • Inventory Issue Detail
  • Inventory Receive Detail
  • Available Detail

The main features of user management system are as follows.

  • User Registration

  • Manage User(s)

The main features of system configuration settings are as follows.

  • Site Title

  • Site Logo

  • Site Footer
  • Profile Settings

Our Valuable Clients

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to Rio Bio Fuel. It is a trading web-based application. Royal Bio Fuel will cover Accounts Management, Purchase Management, Sale Management, Inventory Management, User Management and System Configuration.

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