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Customer Relation Management 

CRM software which is the most powerful management solution helping better business relationship management. This will lead to increased market share and make it easier to achieve your business goals. Some benefits of CRM software are listed below:

  • Better Customer Service
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Improved Customer Retention
  • Trustworthy Reporting
  • Centralized Database of Information

CRM (Customer Relation Management)

CRM Software Modules

The main features of administrative management system are as follows.

  • User Registration Process
  • Channels Registration
  • Products Registration
  • Institute Registration
  • Packages Registration
  • Product(s) Binding

  • Financial Year Registration
  • Cycle Registration
  • Access Level
  • Manager Registration Process

The main features of visitor log system are as follows.

  • Visitor(s) Registration

  • Visitor(s) Database
  • Visitor(s) Dashboard

  • Visitor(s) Report

The main features of leads management are as follows.

  • Lead(s) Registration

  • Lead(s) Database
  • Lead(s) - Time Aging

  • Lead(s) - Evaluation

  • Lead(s) Dashboard

  • Lead(s) Report

The main features of meeting notes management are as follows.

  • Meeting Note(s) Registration
  • Meeting Note(s) Database
  • Meeting Note(s) Dashboard

  • Meeting Note(s) Report

The main features of email management system are as follows.

  • Email Category Registration

  • Email Type Registration

  • Email Workflow

  • Email Workflow Report

  • Email Dashboard

The main features of  document management are as follows.

  • Document Type Registration Process

  • Comment Type Registration Process
  • Document Workflow

  • Document Workflow Report

  • Document Workflow Dashboard

The main features of  client management are as follows.

  • Client Registration Process

  • Client Life Cycle

  • Client Database
  • Client Enrollment Dashboard

  • Client Enrollment Report

The main features of  partner management are as follows.

  • Source Registration Process
  • School/SA Registration

  • Partner Registration
  • University Registration
  • Program Registration
  • App Status Registration

  • Currency Registration

  • Deposit Status Registration

  • Enrollment Status Registration

  • Status Registration

  • Stage 1 Registration

  • Stage 1 Summary
  • Stage 1 Report
  • Stage 2 Summary
  • Stage 2 Report

Our Valuable Clients

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to Dignosco. It is a Customer Relation Management web-based application. Dignosco will cover Visitor Management, Meeting Management, Leads management, Email and Document Management, Client Management and Partner Management.

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