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Multibranch Point of Sale

Multibranch POS typically refers to a point-of-sale (POS) system used by businesses that have multiple locations or branches. A multibranch POS system enables businesses to manage their inventory, sales, and customer information across all their branches from a centralized location.Some benefits of Multibranch POS are listed below:

  • Better Inventory Management
  • Simple Invoicing
  • Quick Payments
  • Better Customer Management
  • Better Customer Orders

Multibranch Point of Sale Modules

Main features of sale management system are as follows.


  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Return Invoice

  • Customer/Pone Number


  • Sale Invoice Detail

  • Sale Book Detail

  • Sale Return Detail

  • List of Customer/Phone Number

Main features of stock management system are as follows.


  • Opening Stock Raw Material

  • Stock issue Voucher
  • Raw Material Adjustment


  • Stock Issue Detail

  • Item Ledger

  • Available Stock Detail (Raw Material)

Main features of product management system are as follows.


  • Product Receive Voucher

  • Product Adjustment

  • Units Information
  • Products Type
  • Products Registration


  • Product Ledger 

  • Product Receive Detail Note

  • List of Product Type 

  • List of Products

  • List of Units

Main features of branch registration system are as follows.


  • New Branch Registration

  • Edit Branch Registration


  • Branch Details

Main features of user management system are as follows.


  • New User Registration
  • Manage User(s)

Main features of system management system are as follows.


  • Profile Setting

  • System Configurations

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