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Web Portal Applications

PMS (Pvt.)Ltd. offers comprehensive end-to-end web portal development, customization, and implementation services. Our experienced team has developed custom web portal solutions for different organizations. Benefits of Custom Web Portals are listed below.

  • A User Engagement Focus
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Integration

Web Portal Applications Modules

A Self-Service Portal is a digital space where users can find the information about the product or service and get their issues resolved.

A Vendor Portal is a web platform owned by a buyer that aggregates functionality for vendor management and bidding.

A Partner Portal is a web-based site that's a one-stop shop for firms doing business with each other.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) software is a secure platform that allows employees to access relevant, structured corporate data, collaborate, and request HR, IT, or facility-related services.

An eLearning Portal is a website that offers learners interaction and collaboration on eLearning content like courses, presentations, podcasts, and tests as well as content management for eLearning providers.

Government Portals provide a gateway to organizational data, information, and knowledge.

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