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Security & ICT Solutions

Security and ICT Solutions refer to a range of measures, technologies, and strategies used to protect digital assets and information systems from various cyber threats and ensure that information systems and data remain secure, confidential, and available only to authorized users. Our Security and ICT Solutions include:

Website Security System

Our Services

Features of the CCTV Surveillance System are as follows.

  • Analog Surveillance
    • BN/RJ-59 Cabling
    • Analog Cameras (DAHUA, HIKVISION,TOKIA)
  • Digital surveillance
    • CAT-6/ CAT-6A Cabling
    • Digital Cameras (ACTI, DAHUA, HIKVISION, LONGSEE)
    • Wifi Based Cameras

Video Conferencing System include:

  • Digital Video Conferencing (Poly, Logitech)

Features of Hardware & Networking include: 

  • Passive Networking
    Hardware Infrastructure/ Networking Backbone
    • Ducting
    • Cabling
    • I/O’s, faceplates & Backbox installation
    • Rack Installation
    • Structured Cabling
  • Active  Networking 
    & Device Installation of
    • Switches (Planet)
    • Routers (Planet) 
    • Access Points (Planet, DCN)
    • VPN Gateway (Planet)
    • Firewall
    • Servers (DELL, HP)

The main features of Home & Office Security are as follows:

  • Fire & Alarm Systems
  • Electrical  Fencing
    • JVA Energizer

Cable Testing Services includes:

  • OFC Testing
    • OTDR Tracing
  • UTP Cable Testing
    • Fluke Tester

The main features of Data Backup & Recovery includes:

  • Software-Based Data Backup & Recovery Services
    • BDRSuite (Backup & Disaster Recovery)
      • All-in-one Backup and DR Solution
      • Hybrid solution with flexible deployment
      • Solution that carters to all business models
    • BDRCloud (Cloud Backup & Recovery)
      • Highly secure & scalable cloud backup solution
      • Anywhere-at-Any time recovery of backup data
      • Solutions that carters to end-users

Access Control systems include: 

  • Access  Control Device Installation of
    • Biometric and Retina scanner for access control.

Attendance Management Solutions Features include:

  • Biometric, Barcode, and Facial detection-based attendance systems.

The main components of a Wireless system includes:

  • Wireless Controller
  • Wireless Access Points 

The main features of Data Security include:

  • Software-Based Security Services
    • Kaspersky Antivirus
    • Secured VPN Gateway

Optical Fiber features includes:

  • OFC Deployment 
  • Civil Works
    • OFC Laying (Overhead/Underground)
    • OFC Splicing
    • ODF Installation
    • Joint Enclosure Installation.

Our Valuable Clients

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to the Ministry of Planning & Development (IEP)The Planning Commission (denoted as PC) is a financial and public policy development institution of the Government of Pakistan. The Commission comes under the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reforms.

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to the Drug Regulatory Authority Islamabad. The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is responsible for providing effective coordination and enforcement of The Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976) and bringing harmony to inter-provincial trade and commerce of therapeutic goods.

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to the Punjab Information Technology Board. Aims not only to modernize governance techniques through transparency-induced methods but also to increase the digital literacy of the citizens among many other services.

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to NUTECH University Islamabad. NUTECH is envisioned to be an internationally acclaimed technology-driven research university destined to produce national and international industry future characterful leaders, professionals, and a hi-tech skilled workforce.

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to the Ministry of Human Rights Islamabad. Human rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the international Human Rights Conventions and Covenants ratified by the Government of Pakistan.

At PMS (Pvt.)Ltd., we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to the State Bank of Pakistan Gujranwala. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is incorporated under the State Bank of Pakistan Act, of 1956, which gives the Bank the authority to function as the central bank of the country.

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